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Why having customer success and support in your client’s time zone is important

Customer success and support are crucial for any business, as they ensure that customers are satisfied with the products or services they have received and that any issues or concerns they may have are promptly addressed. Having customer success and support teams in the same time zone as their clients is critical for several reasons.

  • Mental Health and well-being

One reason is that it can improve mental health and well-being. Working night shifts or outside of normal business hours can be very challenging. It can disrupt sleep patterns and lead to feelings of isolation or disconnection from the rest of the world. By having customer success and support teams available during the same hours as their clients, businesses can help to alleviate some of these stressors and improve the overall well-being of their employees.

  • Efficiency and productivity

Another reason is that it can improve efficiency and productivity. When teams are working in different time zones, there can be delays in communication and a lack of overlap in working hours. This can make it difficult to coordinate and collaborate effectively, which can impact the speed and quality of support and customer success efforts. By having teams in the same time zone as their clients, businesses can ensure that there is a greater degree of overlap in working hours and facilitate more seamless communication and collaboration.

  • Customer satisfaction

Finally, having customer success and support teams in the same time zone as their clients can help to build stronger relationships and improve customer satisfaction. When customers are able to speak with support or success teams during their own working hours, they are more likely to feel understood and valued. This can help to build trust and foster a sense of loyalty, which is essential for any business. Who doesn’t love higher CSAT and NPS scores?

  • Top talent

Customer success and support is not an easy task. It’s difficult to find affordable top talent that does amazingly at either task. Some hiring models make it difficult for some employees to understand the importance of their task, like fully outsourced employees or freelancers. However, the Talent as a Service model (TaaS) makes it much easier for recruiters and hiring managers to find this much needed talent.

In summary, having customer success and support teams in the same time zone as clients is important for mental health, efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction. By taking this approach, businesses can create a more supportive and effective working environment for their employees and provide a higher level of service to their customers.

At Scalefront, we help SaaS companies scale through our TaaS model. It’s more than just outsourcing. We recruit and hire (on our payroll) the best talent, based in Latin America, which blends seamlessly with the companies’ teams as if they were direct employees. So you get fantastic and diverse talent at a fraction of the cost of US or European talent!

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