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What traits should recruiters look for in a hybrid employee?

There are many benefits of having a hybrid and diverse workforce. However, it might be challenging to locate the right people for a position that will be carried out hundreds of miles from your actual office since not every job or employee is suitable for a career in hybrid or remote work. There are common traits amongst hybrid top talent, like accountability, resourcefulness, thoroughness and the ability to be self-led.

Do you want to be a top hybrid employee? Even if you already have a hybrid job, here are some traits that can help you out:

Be Transparent

Transparency in the workplace refers to open dialogue between all of the team, from management to coworkers. When you are transparent you are allowing trust to be built in relationships among everyone in the organization. In addition to trust, accountability is another factor that goes hand in hand with transparency and is key in hybrid workspaces. It means that people are responsible for their own actions, especially when you’re not seeing your coworkers or bosses face to face for periods of time.

When something goes wrong, top hybrid employees take charge and accept full responsibility rather than engaging in a “blaming discussion”. Moreover, being transparent allows for processes to be faster and simpler because of your efforts in engaging in open communication.

Be Thorough

A key quality of a top hybrid employee is thoroughness. People who are organized, precise, and detail-oriented are more likely to succeed. Practicing thoroughness refers to not only having a plan but also fully comprehending all of its components at each stage. Top employees use this to make sure that everything is going according to plan and on time. This way hybrid employees can quickly and effectively prepare and implement solutions to potential issues and propose new ideas that might solve them.

When working from home, it can be easy to get distracted by household chores or other tasks. To avoid losing focus, a hybrid employee needs to be able to prioritize their work and stay on top of their tasks. This means setting a schedule, creating a to-do list, and staying organized to ensure that work is getting done promptly.

Be Present

Being present in a hybrid environment is key to succeeding in these types of positions. What do we mean by “being present”? Answering a phone call, sending out a message, replying to an email, checking in on one of your coworkers, anything that shows that you are involved with the company and your team. For example, if you are not going to the office one day but rather you are doing work from home, show that you are available by letting your team know that you are one phone call, text, or email away.

Being present goes hand in hand with communication skills. Since you will not be in the same physical space as your colleagues from time to time, you need to be able to communicate effectively through email, phone, and other forms of communication. This means being able to express your ideas clearly, listening to others, and providing constructive feedback.

Lead yourself

Strongly self-motivated workers succeed both in the workplace and when working from home. Leading yourself refers to assuming responsibility rather than waiting to be instructed: Executing requests to the best of your ability without assistance from others and working through to job completion, assuming responsibility for your errors and not looking for justifications.

Having a hybrid work setting can be a major change from the traditional office setting, and it can be tempting to procrastinate or take breaks that are longer than necessary. To avoid falling into these traps, a remote employee needs to be able to motivate themselves to get work done and stay on track. You need to be capable of independently analyzing situations, committing to a course of action, communicating progress or problems, and accepting full responsibility for the results of your efforts.

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