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Tips for your hybrid work interview

Interviews are one of the most important steps when a company is expanding their talent pool. The best talent from across the world will be seeking this position alongside you. Nowadays, many interviewers are searching for competent, self-assured professionals that thrive in a flexible hybrid setting. There are 3 things that we recommend for your interview: research the company’s culture, test your resources, and prepare questions.

1. Research the company's culture

Conducting your own background research in advance of any job interview is one of the most crucial and basic things you can do. You can enter your interview with confidence if you are aware of important facts regarding the organization you are interviewing with. You may gain a thorough grasp of the company’s objectives and how your background makes you a fantastic fit by reading the company website and social media posts.

Also, read up on the company's history, understand the vision, mission, and values of their brand. You can also search for the company on Linkedin and similar site; this is helpful if you want to determine whether the culture is a suitable fit for you as a candidate. These results can give you insightful information that will allow you to show the value you bring to the organization's particular environment. The advantages are numerous, your responses and the questions you make will appear more pertinent, proving your comprehension, but by showcasing your commitment and preparation throughout the procedure, you'll also stand out.

2. Test your resources

Both in-person and virtual interviews share many components of the process but there are some important distinctions to be aware of as you prepare. You may be concerned about both potential technological instabilities and your own replies to the interview questions when using video conference platforms. You may be concerned that your internet speed won't be good enough and occasionally you may need to use software that you haven't used before. A quick dry-run should be taken before the interview.

Since every video platform has its own features, the best approach to test it is to invite a friend (or even yourself on a different device) to the meeting to make sure you can join. Do more than simply test your connection. To prevent further stress, make sure your camera and microphone are functional. Stay cool and collected in case you encounter problems, no matter what. In a totally remote position, keep in mind that you'll need to manage these kinds of instances on a semi-regular basis anyway. If the technology simply won't cooperate, you ought to be able to reschedule the interview for a new time without too much trouble.

3. Prepare questions

Even if you are the one being interviewed, you have a chance to question the interviewer as well. The appropriate questions can help you show that you're interested in the position. It's a good idea to plan out your inquiries in advance. One of the most crucial aspects of an interview for the employer is the type of questions the candidate asks, as this indicates how much thought they have put into the interview. Candidates will stand out from the crowd if they ask intriguing, business-specific questions.

  • Next steps

Relax and give yourself some time to unwind. Sigh with relief and do something enjoyable. Take care of yourself after the interview by getting a coffee, taking a walk in the park, going for a hike, or anything else that can help you relax. Just keep in mind that any respectable team won't demand perfection; instead, they'll settle for a real person who can contribute to the team and will be willing to look beyond any flaws you may notice. Don't worry about these issues, and try not to think about the interview.

  • Bonus tip: ALWAYS send a thank you note after the interview. This won’t take more than 5 minutes but will help you stand out from the crowd.

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