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Hybrid workspaces as a present advantage in SaaS Ventures

What are Hybrid Workspaces?

Hybrid work spaces offer more than just a place to work in addition to freedom with tasks. Usually, most SaaS (Software a Service) companies are prone to have this type of labor environment. This mix of remote work with the availability to access a coworking space enables staff to gain the psychological advantages of seeing and interacting with peers, as well as a drive to keep efficiency up while working remotely. This versatility can provide a better work-life balance. Moreover, there are other benefits that can help businesses during a scaling process, such as reduced costs, lower employee turnover and flexibility.

  • Reduced Costs

When compared to the expense of setting up an "old-school" office, hybrid workspaces may provide scaleups all the advantages of a modern, fully functional workplace. This eliminates many of the expenses and cost obligations that could otherwise be a barrier to financing. It's also important to take into account the time-saving advantages of renting a completely furnished facility rather than having to look for furniture and equipment or obtain permits to build from the ground up.

  • Lower Employee Turnover

Coworking spaces are designed to create a welcoming work atmosphere with a number of social benefits that aren't usually available in traditional workplaces. A well-planned work environment may promote employee well-being and motivation, which should lead to increased productivity. It can also assist to recruit top employees who want to work in a convenient location that allows valuable conversations and networking possibilities with other associates.

  • Flexibility

SaaS scaleups are some of the fastest growing companies, and hybrid workspaces provide a level of flexibility that makes it much simpler to build up your operation without the hassle of needing to switch to a bigger space or requiring all of your employees in one place at the same time. Flexibility in hybrid workspaces also opens up the possibility to provide versatile schedules, which might be attractive to talent during hiring processes.

Overall, you will see better results regarding productivity and even an increase in cumulative happiness and satisfaction within the company, when your operation allows flexible hybrid workspaces. Thus, you will notice better employee turnover ratios and lowered costs.

With Scalefront’s TaaS (Talent as a Service) model we help companies scale while taking into consideration all of the previously mentioned benefits. It’s more than just outsourcing. We recruit and hire (on our payroll) the best talent, based in Latin America, which blends seamlessly with the companies’ teams as if they were direct employees. So you get fantastic and diverse talent at a fraction of the cost of US or European talent!

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