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3 reasons why SaaS companies should look for talent in Latin America

For SaaS companies that are in an expanding process, managing risk during these high periods of employee turnover can contribute to lowering growing pains that come when your operation is scaling. One solution that has been attractive to recruiters is looking at Latin America for top talent. There are 3 main reasons why SaaS companies should hire remote employees in Latin America:

  1. Low costs

  2. Diversified team

  3. Location

1. Low Costs

During the scaling process, you will need to keep reduced costs in hand with the best team in order to keep a steady pace while growing. One solution to this dilemma is looking at Latin America for top talent. Unlike wages in Europe, the United States, and most English speaking countries, salaries in the region are significantly lower in comparison to what a local employee costs. Think about it, by having a fully dedicated remote employee for your operation, you can expect them to place all their efforts in getting the best outcome for the company, all while keeping reduced costs.

2. Diversified team

When you hire employees from different regions, you are opening the doors for a new culture to join your team. Think about it, a remote employee will act as an “ambassador” of their home country in your operation. It has been demonstrated that having a diverse talent pool increases a company's need for efficiency, creativity, and innovation, factors that are key in SaaS ventures. Diverse teams also help reduce turnover, it enhances remote employee engagement, and strengthens the company's culture.

3. Location

One perk that comes with the location of the region is the availability of serving clients in different time zones, especially for companies based in Europe and Asia. Since Latin America is south from the United States, time zones aren’t that different from each other. Look at it this way, when you hire a remote employee from Guatemala and your SaaS company is located on the East Coast of the United States, you will be only two to three hours ahead than your staff member, unlike hiring someone from South East Asia, where you will be at least 10 hours behind, thus, having talent closer to the operation equals to higher efficiency. This benefit also comes with other perks. In the case of customer service, when your team is located in a similar time zone as your client, you are ensuring your staff will have normal work hours, thus, making it more sustainable by avoiding burnout and deadshifts.

All in all, SaaS companies should hire remote employees in Latin America because of the financial benefits that come with it, along with the perks of having a diverse workforce, and strategic access to the time zones where their clients are located.

At Scalefront, we help SaaS companies scale through our TaaS (Talent as a Service) model. It’s more than just outsourcing. We recruit and hire (on our payroll) the best talent, based in Latin America, which blends seamlessly with the companies’ teams as if they were direct employees. So you get fantastic and diverse talent at a fraction of the cost of US or European talent!

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