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TaaS for scaling your SaaS

Establish full-time remote employees in the Americas through our Talent as a Service

Problems you will encounter that we can solve

New Challenges

High employee turnover rates, unsuccessfull recruitment processes, and a general inability to attract talent SaaS companies need to scale. 


Rise of remote talent uncerntainty

Companies face unknowns when hiring remotely: Hidden expenses, local taxes, administrative hassles, local labor laws, among other things.

Scale effectively, quickly and at a low risk

We can help you grow a healthy, unified, diverse culture, globalized workforce, enter new markets, support existing clients in other time zones, and convert inbound leads on time. 

Get full-time remote employees in the Americas

Have the perfect team. We take care of the recruitment and staff management so you can focus on scaling your business.


Accelerate your business

Build a local organization in the American time-zone on your own without increasing your headcount.


Front your customers professionally

Get well educated specialists you need to deliver top-quality service.


Maximize your budget

Get 2-3 employees at the cost of 1 US or European employee.

How, why and where we work

Add remote employees to your company and don't worry about the process; Scalefront handles everything: talent search, recruitment, hiring, payment, and support through the complete 

employee journey.


  • We understand your business, mission, values, and business objectives 

  • We find candidates for each position for you to choose from

  • We help you onboard and integrate your new staff into your organization

  • Your staff is employed by us - you just pay a monthly fee, all included


  • All employees are 100% dedicated to your company and your customers - no part-time employees or freelancers with conflicting interests

  • The employees are well-educated, many from top universities, and fluent in American English and/or Spanish

  • The employees are paid competitive salaries and given more benefits than the average employee with the same skills and experience in their home countries 

  • Scalefront has built a strong company culture backbone so employees stay with your company longer


  • Guatemala as our first hub and all of Latin America

Our 4 core areas


We adapt to your existing team, structure, and processes to achieve higher NRR, lower churn, and  higher LTV


We service your clients in your time-zone or in the US time-zone. For quicker ticket processing, increased NPS, CSAT, and bilingual service for multi-country support.


We qualify or convert the leads you have already invested on getting. Have quicker reaction times, higher sales efficiency, and focus on top-of-the-sales-funnel conversions.


We help you from the creative and operational sides. Innovative experiences for your brand or products, and faster content creation for social media, websites, and newsletters.

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Now you can send  a welcome kit!

Make your Scalers feel part of the team by sending them a welcome kit with different products personalized with YOUR brand. 

"At Scalefront, we are on a two-pronged mission. We help SaaS companies scale quickly, effectively and at a low-risk so they can focus on their core business. At the same time, we generate opportunities for high-talented people in Latin America who dream of joining amazing companies to grow in"

- Walter Zepeda
CEO and Co-Founder

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